Prügipõletusahju põlemismeetod


AastalPrügipõletusahi, the waste is fed in from the front end of the skewed and slowly rotating rotary kiln. The speed of the waste is controlled by the rotation speed to complete the process of drying, incineration and ash cooling during the forward transportation of the waste in the waste reversal kiln. The cooled ash is discharged from the bottom of the kiln. The entire furnace body of the reversing kiln can be formed by welding cooling water pipes and perforated steel plates to form a barrel shape, or it can be formed by adding a fireproof lining inside the steel drum. The furnace body is skewed downwards, divided into three sections, dry incineration and post-incineration, and consists of front and rear sections. Extra wheels support at both ends. The extra wheels are supported by four rollers, and the sprocket drives the equipment to roll the wheels to rotate the furnace body. The waste is on the furnace body, which is excellently stirred and transported forward due to the rotation. The preheated air passes through the perforated steel plate from the bottom. Aastal kiln, the waste can be completely incinerated.

Garbage incinerator
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